Every Hero Has a Story: A Summer Reading Booklist

For the first time in several years, my library is using the collaborative summer reading theme. For all ages, we’re building some programs and reading suggestions around the idea that “every hero has a story.” Each year, we include a list of 30 suggested titles in the summer reading booklet that has all of information… Continue reading Every Hero Has a Story: A Summer Reading Booklist

My “Summer” Reading: 5 YA Novels

Summer reading kicks off at my library today! Working at the library is so much fun during the summer because we have a ton more programs and kids have more time to read so I get to do a lot more of my favorite aspect of my job: reader’s advisory. To celebrate I thought I’d… Continue reading My “Summer” Reading: 5 YA Novels

Art in the City Library Display and Program

The theme for the summer reading program at the library where I work is Summer in the City. In preparation for next summer, when our on-site space for programming will be limited during renovation, we’ve partnered with a lot of community organizations, so the theme was chosen to reflect that community engagement. For the Teen… Continue reading Art in the City Library Display and Program

A Summer of Vampires

I love vampire stories. Since I first watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I’ve been fascinated by these creatures and their potential to delve into the darker elements of human nature.  Modern vampires stories provide the perfect venue to create allegories that explore sex and death. I can’t get enough of quality vampire fiction. Luckily, to sate my appetite, my three… Continue reading A Summer of Vampires