Souvenirs from My Internet Travels June 3-24

I haven’t done a link roundup in a while because I’ve been trying to stay offline and actually write in my free time. But here’s a few I think shouldn’t be overlooked. I’m not a big Cassandra Clare fan. I’ve only read Clockwork Angel, which I enjoyed for what it was worth, but didn’t inspire… Continue reading Souvenirs from My Internet Travels June 3-24

A Summer of Vampires

I love vampire stories. Since I first watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I’ve been fascinated by these creatures and their potential to delve into the darker elements of human nature.  Modern vampires stories provide the perfect venue to create allegories that explore sex and death. I can’t get enough of quality vampire fiction. Luckily, to sate my appetite, my three… Continue reading A Summer of Vampires