Review: Places No One Knows by Brenna Yovanoff

Brenna Yovanoff has never disappointed me. Her dark, paranormal romances have always been deliciously creepy and a little bit weird with beautiful prose. So she’s always a safe bet for a solid read. I wouldn’t call any of her previous books a favorite, but I always enjoyed them. Her latest, Places No One Knows, completely blew… Continue reading Review: Places No One Knows by Brenna Yovanoff

Book Reviews: Spring 2016 Releases

My reviewing efforts have been sporadic lately, so I’m trying to catch up and document my thoughts on several forthcoming titles. These four YA novels due out in March and early April that I highly recommend. Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E.K. Johnston Goodreads | Amazon Hermione Winters is the captain of her high school cheerleading… Continue reading Book Reviews: Spring 2016 Releases

Top Ten Favorite 2015 Young Adult Books

I love looking at year-end book lists. Sometimes I discover an overlooked gem, others a passionate recommendation from a trusted source may prompt me to pick up a book I’d decided wouldn’t be to my taste.  While I didn’t read as many new releases as I would have liked to, I did read quite a… Continue reading Top Ten Favorite 2015 Young Adult Books

Recommended New Adult Titles

This weekend I’m presenting at the YALSA Symposium on Literature and Services for New Adults with another YA librarian. For the past year, I’ve been reading a lot of New Adult fiction in preparation. I read a handful of titles in late 2012 and early 2013 when the fledgling category was picking up steam. I… Continue reading Recommended New Adult Titles