Review Policy

 Purpose of Reviews

I don’t so much review books as recommend them. I’m a “every reader, a book, every book, a reader” kind of person, so even if a book doesn’t work for me personally, I try to identify the type of reader who will find it appealing. It’s kind of my job. Because part of my job is suggesting books to readers, I tend to read outside my own areas of interest. I actively seek out “the next big thing” and “the hidden gem.”

Types of Books Reviewed

Because my job at the library is to buy all the YA books (I know, rough gig), I primarily read and review young adult literature, but I also read and review adult fiction and nonfiction as well as a occasional middle grade and picture books. I’m also interested in graphic novels and audiobooks.

I am generally not interested in pitches. I’ll always disclose where or how I obtained copies.

In very rare cases, I will participate in other promotional activity, but only if I am interested in the book or author.

Where I Post Reviews

In addition to posting here, I also review books on my library’s website (both adult and young adult titles). While a review of every book I read doesn’t appear on my blog, I review and rate most everything I read on Goodreads. I also write about books for The Hub and NoveList, though these posts aren’t exactly reviews.

How I Obtain Books

I buy books from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, local and non-local Indies, and used book stores. Basically, I don’t discriminate. I also check them out from the library. The majority of books I recommend I obtain through these methods.

But I also accept advanced reader’s copies. I request titles I’m interested in through NetGalley or Edelweiss because I prefer reading on my Kindle.


All contact information is strictly confidential for anyone participating in a giveaway or commenting on this site.

FTC Disclosure

I never receive compensation for reviews. Reviews based on copies not purchased by me or borrowed from the library will be labeled as such.

One thought on “Review Policy

  1. I also work in a library. I find your blog to be AMAZING. Thank you for doing what you are doing! I am tasked with the job of trying to pull more kids (high school boys, in particular) in to the library. I find your blog to be superb. Thank you. Rock Chalk!!

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