Souvenirs from My Internet Travels June 3-24

souvenirs from my internet travels

I haven’t done a link roundup in a while because I’ve been trying to stay offline and actually write in my free time. But here’s a few I think shouldn’t be overlooked.

I’m not a big Cassandra Clare fan. I’ve only read Clockwork Angel, which I enjoyed for what it was worth, but didn’t inspire a burning desire to run out and read the rest of her work. But I did come across this post on rape culture, and had a newfound respect for Clare after reading.

I also loved this recent post by Elizabeth Hunter where she discusses the writer’s journey (with reference to Neil Gaiman).

Just in case you didn’t see this, Pixar has a list of story tips. Fantastic. (Anyone dying to see Brave? Me too!)

Thanks all for this round, folks!

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