Art in the City Library Display and Program

The theme for the summer reading program at the library where I work is Summer in the City. In preparation for next summer, when our on-site space for programming will be limited during renovation, we’ve partnered with a lot of community organizations, so the theme was chosen to reflect that community engagement.

For the Teen Zone (where I work as a YA assistant) I developed a Art in the City scavenger hunt. Since the library is nestled in our picturesque downtown, which is full of murals and sculptures and graffiti art, it was a fun activity to get kids out of the library (and off the computers and video games) to explore their city. I took photographs of various art downtown, then created a map that marked each piece’s approximate location on the map. The photographs were displayed on our programming window in the library and on our Facebook page. Kids could take a sheet of small images of the art and the map around downtown and match the works of art with their location. Teens had an opportunity to use their map reading skills in a fun way. Everyone who turns in a completed map is entered in a prize drawing.

So far, it’s gotten a lot of participation. We’ve even had adults call asking about the kids walking around downtown with art maps doing a scavenger hunt. We’re going to try to do a similar scavenger hunt next month that features letters in signs that will spell out a phrase.

What fun summer reading passive programming ideas have you seen in libraries?


3 thoughts on “Art in the City Library Display and Program

  1. Very creative, and very necessary for our kids to be outside.
    Thanks for making an impact on the kids in your community

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