Book Review: Radioactive: Marie & Pierre Curie (A Tale of Love and Fallout) by Lauren Redniss

Art and science have never blended together so well. Not only is this a fascinating glimpse at Marie and Pierre Curie’s life, the juxtaposition of text and illustration make this book a truly unique reading experience. 

Doctober: Documentary Film Favorites

October is National Documentary Month. The idea started in a bar and is nerdy, so you know I’m on board.  At my library, staff share their favorites all month. It’s a great way for me to get recommendations, because documentaries are some of the only types of movies that Mister BS and I can agree… Continue reading Doctober: Documentary Film Favorites

Back Tomorrow: Federico García Lorca Exhibit at NYPL

Here’s a not-so-secret secret: I never would have gone to BEA if not for the opportunity to see Back Tomorrow: Poet in New York, an exhibit on Federico García Lorca’s time at Columbia University at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building of the New York Public Library. I fangirl over this dead gay poet like tweens… Continue reading Back Tomorrow: Federico García Lorca Exhibit at NYPL

The Art and Poetry of Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley

I love when a book introduces me to a place or concept or idea that sends me to the stacks on a research expedition. The most recent young adult novel to send me on such a journey was Graffiti Moon. I love art and poetry, but when I first read Graffiti Moon, I wasn’t familiar with all… Continue reading The Art and Poetry of Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley

The Plaza Art Fair

I hate crowds, but I love art. Which is why I braved the mass of people gathered on the plaza this year for the annual art festival. It does make for excellent people watching, as you have your Burberry and Kate Spade shoppers rubbing elbows with greasy artists and rugged craftsmen and women. Excuse the… Continue reading The Plaza Art Fair