The Plaza Art Fair

I hate crowds, but I love art. Which is why I braved the mass of people gathered on the plaza this year for the annual art festival. It does make for excellent people watching, as you have your Burberry and Kate Spade shoppers rubbing elbows with greasy artists and rugged craftsmen and women.

Excuse the terrible iPhone snapshots and click on the links to the fantastic images of these artists’ work.

Mister BS and I had a great time enjoying  the beautiful beginning-of-autumn weather and other than the disappointing selection of vegetarian options from the food vendors, it was a lovely day. Shopping for art makes me wish I was filthy rich, because I love it, and I think artists deserved to be well-compensated for their effort and creativity. Unfortunately, as a public school teacher and and a public librarian employee, we’re not in the position to go crazy at the art fair. So, no Iona Handcrafted Books for me, and no ironic altered book art by Joe DeCamillas, either. I did love these painted voo doo inspired plaques you can check out at Mutie Online and might order one for Mister BS for a special occasion gift. I lusted after the shadow box scenes of macabre Saints and circus performers from Madd Tatters. They are well out of my price range, but I do think I’ll order and frame a few prints because I can’t imagine anything else ever looking right next to my Alexander Skarsgård autographed True Blood 2011 Paley Fest poster. Sarah Collier’s Charm School Dropout 2-D mixed media was very inspiring, because it’s the type of stuff I like to make.

I’m glad to have gotten out and about, but the trip reaffirms my love of online shopping. I don’t make rash impulse buys (like the piece of art Mister BS bought because he “thought I liked it” after having several Arrogant Bastard ales) don’t have to brave the crowds, and browse without pressure, and don’t have to wait to make my purchase once I’ve decided (the artist was absent from the booth both times I tried to buy what I did decide on, which was disappointing).

All for the best, perhaps, because I’ve had an eye on a piece at a local gallery that I know I’ll regret not owning if I ever leave Lawrence.

Do you buy original art? Would you rather browse online or shop in person?

3 thoughts on “The Plaza Art Fair

  1. Covering my walls with original art is one of my dreams! One day, sigh. I am lucky that my sister and brother are artists and they have given me pieces, but I love the idea of supporting a wider range of local artists in the future.

  2. I absolutely love the idea of a book quilt. I saw one hanging in a branch of my local library (It was the Woodinville branch of the King County Library System) that was basically a brown fabric bookshelf with books lining the shelves. Someone had used fabric markers to write in all sorts of titles. One of these days (rather, “one of these days”, you know:)), I want to either make or force my mother to make a similar quilt. Maybe some of the books can be facing out and I could scan the covers in and they’d be a part of it. I guess I just want it to be as ornate as possible. True confession: Sometimes I get lost in the book-related art on Etsy for hours.

    1. I’m dying for a book quilt. I am always on the look out for used and vintage books to turn into some art project. I love exploring book-related art on Etsy and Pinterest too!

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