One Librarian, Many Blogs

Remember how I love blogging? It’s still totally true. I’m really enjoying being the member manager of The Hub. Despite my own advice on careful selecting professional projects, I’ve had so many amazing opportunities come up recently that I simply can’t turn them down. About a year ago, I had a bit of an identity crisis for this blog, and even though I got some thoughtful feedback when asking what readers most wanted to see, I basically kept on doing the same mix of library and literary and personal I had been doing for a few years.

I’ve always been really interested in vegetarian cooking and lifestyle blogging, and though I kept a cooking blog with my best friend for a while, she went and had kids and got too busy to really keep it up. I read a ton of blogs, and even when a lot of people are confessing to not spending as much time on them as they use to, I’m like blogger Nina Badzin—I just can’t quit them. I read her blog not because I’m Jewish or I have kids, but because I’ve gotten to know her through her posts on book and friendship and I like her writing so I’ve become interested in her take on other topics, too. See, I like reading blogs for personal stories (and outfit shopping ideas, vegetarian recipes, organization/life hacks, crafts and decorating, local interest…see, I read a LOT of blogs).

So in the spirit of maintaining work and life balance and continuing my blogging obsession, I’ve started a new blog, Librarian Style. I’ll still post once or twice a month here—but it will be for a strictly librarian audience, so mostly program plans, social media/marketing topics, displays I’ve done, library related booklists, and book reviews for a “power reader” audience rather than a general audience. Librarian Style will be about everything I’m into outside of work—so lots of local community events, restaurants and recipes, bookish content for “regular” people, and you know, other stuff I do, like crafts and garden and you know, life. More personal stories, too.

I also want to learn more about website development and design, but I didn’t want to move this to blog to, and though getting a little ad revenue to cover operating costs + fund my book buying habit on a professional resource is not what I’m about, if I can make it happen on a lifestyle blog for a general audience, I figure, why not?

So, I post this here mostly in case any is interested in checking out my new blog. Things will remain much the same here, except I’ll be posting less frequently.

To books, and blogging!

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One thought on “One Librarian, Many Blogs

  1. I think passion stories is what makes bloggers interested and what makes bloggers interested in reading other people’s blogs. I love that you’re going for it and trying something new. Clicking over now!

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