A Blog Update and Some News

I love blogging.

I love blogging about books and libraries. I love interacting with my personal learning network and geeking out over shared interests.

In some way, I will probably always have this blog. 

That being said, the sporadic posting schedule I’ve adopted over the summer is going to continue indefinitely.

I’ve been appointed as the member manager for YALSA’s The Hub, where I’ve been a contributor for the past few years. I’m really excited about this opportunity, because not only are the bloggers who contribute to The Hub amazing, but we’re also going to be rebranding the blog and moving it beyond young adult literature to encompass all aspects of collection development and content curation for teens in libraries. It’s an exciting project!

This means I’ll have less time for blogging here. Any sort of readers’ advisory list or analysis related to collection development for teens that I personally write will likely find a home on The Hub instead of here. Of course, that still leaves traditional book reviews, posts about library programs, or other content that doesn’t really fit with The Hub for this blog. And as my time allows, I’ll definitely still be posting that type of content here. I hope if you’re not already following The Hub, you’ll check it out!


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