Listening Lately: The Last 3 Months

Spotify continues to be a wise investment for me. Lately, I’ve realized that I can see what my sister is listening to during the day in her office on campus, and if I put on the same album, it’s almost like we are working together even though I am downtown. So that is fun.

It’s also easy to check the new releases each week to make sure I haven’t missed ordering anything, and I have access to tons of music at work. Yes, you’re right. The entirety of In Rainbows by Radiohead isn’t available. Luckily the library owns several copies so I just loaded it up into my iTunes on the work computer.

Mister BS says my taste has changed a lot since we’ve met. He pointed out my collection of Aphex Twins CDs to illustrate his point. Yeah, I’ve mellowed a bit, and while I still don’t like popular country, I’ve been into some very countryish folk-y stuff lately. But also club music. So there’s that.


April Favorites

(new releases or new discoveries)

Kevin Drew // Darlings

Dan Managan // Postcards and Daydreaming

Thievery Corporation // Saudade

Bear Hands // Distractions

Here’s the full playlist for April:

May Favorites

(new releases or new discoveries)

Ray LaMontagne // Supernova

Midnight Faces // Fornication

Ben Howard // Every Kindgom

Here’s the full playlist for May:

June Favorites

(new releases or new discoveries)

Various // The Chef Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Horrors // Luminous

S. Carey // Range of Light

Damon Albarn // Everyday Robots

Mac Demarco // Salad Days

James Vincent McMorrow // Post Tropical

Actress // Ghettoville

Here’s the full playlist for June:

What have you been listening to lately? You can follow the new music I’m checking out here on Spotify.

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