One Quick Question…

I’ve never gotten meta about blogging before. Even though I kind of obsessively read other people’s posts about blogging.

But today I’m going to.

I’ve actually had a post about this sitting in my drafts for months. Like six of them.

You may have noticed that I’m not posting as much lately. Part of that is because I really, truly, am busy. And I’m also writing a lot of other places, like YALSA’s The Hub, The Library as Incubator Book to Art Project, NoveList, and for my library, and I’m even still working on a novel. And I love it all. I love being part of the blogging world, both as a reader and as a blogger, but I am also struggling with what I want this blog to be, and as a result, haven’t been posting as much as I try to figure this out.

Basically, my question boils down to: is this a professional blog that reflects my library life, a book review blog, or both?

I’m torn over continuing this hybrid approach and creating a separate book review space or library-related space. Which is where you come in. Basically, it’s the reason for this post. I want to hear why you follow this blog and what kind of content you are interested in. Which is why I’ve created this super simple one question survey.

I’d appreciate your feedback, especially if you’re a regular reader. If you’d rather email me your thoughts, use the contact form.


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4 thoughts on “One Quick Question…

  1. I just started following you because you are officially my muse ;) No word of a lie! I’ve read a few of your posts and was blown away because what you’re posting here is exactly the kind of posts I want to do for my own blog! but I started as a reviewer before thinking of incorporating my library life for content and because I’ve received feedback telling me that there are actually people who are interested in the behind-the-scenes moments. I hope you don’t give up this blog, I’d have nothing to read :(
    – Krys

  2. I love the mix of content that you provide. Your book reviews are some of my absolute favorites to read. In fact, whenever I’m curious about a book and whether I might like it, I always check your blog to see if you’ve reviewed it. I also like your library-related content both because it’s interesting to me, and also because sometimes we can pass on your ideas to the teachers we work with.

  3. Hi Molly- I can relate to your dilemma. In my case, I struggle with whether my blog is about book reviews, book-related legal issues, my own writing, and/or parenting early readers. The common thread is that it’s always book or publishing related, but each post attracts a different type of reader. It’s a dilemma I’m going to have to live with because I know I’d be bored with my blog if I focused on only one or two of these issues.

    As for my taste in book blogs, I like a mix of content (I’m a literary omnivore!). I’m very interested in both book reviews (I love yours) and library-related content, even though I don’t visit my own library nearly often enough (because of time constraints). Book blogs that only feature books that haven’t been released yet frustrate me because all I can say is, “that sounds interesting!” I prefer reading a blogger’s thoughts about a book that I can buy or borrow immediately or that I’ve already read. I like blogs that initiate an interesting discussion.

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