I’m heading to ALA!

Very early this morning, I’m heading to Las Vegas for the American Library Association Annual Conference.

ala annual conference 2014


I’ve been to the YALSA Lit Symposium and Book Expo America, but I’ve never been to the big annual conference. I’m hoping to learn a lot, have fun, and meet lots of people I know through the Internet. I am not looking forward to the 100F + temperatures and lots of crowds.

Here are a few of the highlights of what I’ll be doing this weekend:

Learning about programming for teens with YouTube. Teens in my library have shown interest in making YouTube videos, and we’ll have a new studio and equipment in our renovated library, so I’m excited to hear about what these librarians have done.

Meeting Holly Black! There are lots of authors attending ALA, but I’m most looking forward to meeting Holly Black, who is one of my favorites and someone I’ve never seen at another event.

Saturday night is the YALSA cocktail hour, the JSTOR and Tumblr party, and the big ALA annual bash. Oh, who needs sleep.

Data Driven Collection. Okay, maybe not the sexiest of programs, but it will be helpful with my job.

STEAM learning program ideas! I’m lucky to be so involved with programming at my library, even though it isn’t technically my main job function. I hope to come home with lots of ideas to share with our youth services manager.

And of course, my panel…#TumblarianTalk! If you are interested in tumblr, stop by this session and join the conversation! I’ll be joining several other librarians from academic libraries, special collections, etc. to share our experiences and answer questions. It should be fun!

You can also find me wandering the exhibit hall with Rebecca Z. Dunn, and I’m looking forward to dinner with all the YALSA Hub bloggers.

Will you be at ALA annual? Let me know what you’re most looking forward to doing in Vegas!

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