Feminist Fridays: Graphic Novels Reading List(s)

I’ve been reading lots more graphic novels lately, and a lot more about graphic novels.  This is mostly due to my duties at work, which include selecting graphic novels for the adult and teen collections.

But some of it is natural interest. The format encompasses a lot more stories than stereotypical superhero fare, and I’m finding characters that interest me. The art of graphic novels can be any style, and I’m discovering what appeals to me.

I was delighted this week to discover three articles that curated lists of feminist or female driven graphic novels and comics.

I’ve ordered several of the newer titles for the library this week.

And I’ve added even more to my to-read list. The Comic Book Resources list is the most comprehensive, and there’s some overlap between all three. But they were all helpful in introducing me to new titles and older ones I may have overlooked, though I was familiar without about half.

If you (like me) grew up thinking comics were a “guy thing” and that you wouldn’t be interested in them, or you’re turned off by some of the “tits and ass” comics and the way they represent women, check out these lists.


3 thoughts on “Feminist Fridays: Graphic Novels Reading List(s)

  1. Awesome list here! I’d recommend (although it is not a graphic novel) the current comic book series, Miss Marvel, which featured for the first time ever a Muslim female with a cover role:


    The comic, while maintaining ties to the tradition of the Miss Marvel universe, discusses topics like being a young girl of color in the United States, whiteness, and social justice. Kamala Kahn, the new Miss Marvel, is a teenager and Muslim growing up in New Jersey.

  2. I’ve been meaning to read some more graphic novels for some time now. I only ever got into Buffy and Sandman, but I think I need to read more and give some other series the attention they deserve. I’m happy to hear that there are plenty of series out there aimed towards women, as I tend to forget that there are other graphic novels than just the superhero ones or the ones that are written more for a male audience. I’ll be sure to check out these lists. Wonderful post! :D

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