Books that Rock: YA Fiction for Musicians and Music Lovers

I love music. Music, perhaps even more than books, brings people together. I love live music shows and bonding with friends over a shared love for bands. Music was so critical to me during my teen years, and there are so many amazing YA novels that capture that passion for music. These novels fall across… Continue reading Books that Rock: YA Fiction for Musicians and Music Lovers

If You Like Sarah Dessen…

  One of the requests I get the most in the library is for books like those Sarah Dessen writes. This translates to books that are about the real struggles of teen girls with a side of romance. This means books with complicated characters and a strong sense of place. Here are my go-to recommendations… Continue reading If You Like Sarah Dessen…

More 2015 New Releases in LGBTQ Young Adult Fiction

I’ve been working on a presentation for a workshop on collection development and readers’ advisory for LGBTQ YA, and so I’ve been looking for more new titles coming out. Here’s my first round up of 2015 LGBTQ young adult literature. The eight books below are newly released or coming out in Fall 2015. 

Like, Try, Why: Contemporary YA

I used to make these “like, try, why” reader’s advisory posts regularly for the Teen Zone before I moved to Collection Development (you can find them all indexed here). Then I started helping to coordinate the posts for the library’s blog, and have spent more time making “like, try, why” recommendations that feature adult titles.… Continue reading Like, Try, Why: Contemporary YA