Ransom Riggs at Rainy Day Books

Last week I went to see Ransom Riggs speak at a Rainy Day Books event. Luckily, they moved the event to Unity Temple to accommodate the crowd, which means I only spent $30 on books as opposed to the $100 I generally spend when unleashed in an independent book store that has a well-stocked young… Continue reading Ransom Riggs at Rainy Day Books

YALSA’s YA Lit Symposium 2012

Because this year’s symposium was held in St. Louis, a city only a four hour drive away from Lawrence and where my best friend happens to live, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to attend. The conference embodied everything I love about working with teenagers in the library: it’s FUN. Not only did I learn a… Continue reading YALSA’s YA Lit Symposium 2012