Reading Recap: Paranormal and Steampunk YA

My grad school class has wrapped up, and so I’m back to blogging.  I read a sampling of paranormal and steampunk YA. These are all backlist titles that I’d missed, and I do feel that even though none of them are new personal favorites for me, it does give me some more options for recommendations… Continue reading Reading Recap: Paranormal and Steampunk YA

Reading Recap: Notable Vintage YA

As I’ve hinted before, I’ve been taking a grad school class all about young adult literature this summer. Which means I am reading 3-4 books a week (in addition to textbooks and articles and…) It’s enlightening to go back and read books that I’ve missed and re-read favorites. I’ve divided them into categories and will be… Continue reading Reading Recap: Notable Vintage YA