Social Media & Libraries: Facebook (Part 2)

Recently, someone asked this Libraries and Social Media Facebook Group if anyone from Lawrence Public Library would like to share how we operate our Facebook page. In the first installment of this series, I wrote about how we approach social media and what our routine entailed, but now I’d like to share some concrete ideas… Continue reading Social Media & Libraries: Facebook (Part 2)

Libraries & Social Media: Facebook (Part 1)

If you do social media for your library and are not a member of this Facebook group, you better correct that. It’s a great place to share ideas and articles and discuss social media in libraries. I try to check in regularly, even though I am more of a twitter and tumblr user personally. A few… Continue reading Libraries & Social Media: Facebook (Part 1)

Souvenirs from my Internet Travels: Fall Edition

I thought it was time to do another link round up. Part of this is pure self-promotion and vanity! (At least I can admit it, right?) I’ve been making appearances other places around the interwebs. Earlier this month, Nancy Pearl wrote a column in Publisher’s Weekly on my library and innovative ways we do reader’s… Continue reading Souvenirs from my Internet Travels: Fall Edition