Tumblr Does YA at BEA

My favorite evening BEA-related event was the Tumblr Does YA at Housing Works Bookstore. The had free drinks and there was a lot of interesting people there but it wasn’t too crowded (which was a blessing after the madness of the exhibition floor). At the door, everyone got a name tag that also asked for… Continue reading Tumblr Does YA at BEA

Bookstore: Lloyd Zimmer Books and Maps

I recently attended the most romantic wedding ever. My brother’s girlfriend’s brother (follow?) is in med school, and a few years ago went to volunteer for the summer at a¬†Brazilian¬†orphanage. He fell in love with a young woman who’d grown up there, despite cultural and language barriers. It was a beautiful wedding and reception. Next… Continue reading Bookstore: Lloyd Zimmer Books and Maps