Library Program: Harry Potter Night

A few months ago, I got an email newsletter from Bloomsbury at my library. I get a lot these, but this one caught my eye because it was promoting an event: Harry Potter Night. Which they had proclaimed to be February 5th. Which happens to be during Read Across Lawrence. But, because the youth services… Continue reading Library Program: Harry Potter Night

Library Program: Divergent Movie Release Party

I am not exactly a Divergent fan. I really admire Veronica Roth and think she’s a competent writer, but the story and world-building of the series do not appeal to me. I feel the same way about Lauren Oliver. I think she is a decent writer and has a great eye for the type of… Continue reading Library Program: Divergent Movie Release Party

An Evening with Marilynne Robinson

Each year, my library partners with University of Kansas Libraries for Read Across Lawrence, which is where everyone in town is invited to “get on the same page” and read a book as well as attend related events, and culminates in a visit from the author at the end of the month. The 2014 selection… Continue reading An Evening with Marilynne Robinson

Passive Program: The Race Card Project

This wasn’t my idea at all, but a passive program one of my co-workers in the Teen Zone put together. I thought it was worth sharing because we’ve already gotten quite a few interesting responses! Inspired by The Race Card Project and the NPR series, he set out index cards and a Sharpie and asked teens… Continue reading Passive Program: The Race Card Project

Library Program: Awards for Acting Awesome

This past school year, we started to notice some behavior issues with a few regular patrons in my library. Kids were starting new schools, younger kids were now allowed to hang out in the Teen Zone, and we had a smaller, temporary space.. I’m sure all these contributed to an increased need to redirect patron… Continue reading Library Program: Awards for Acting Awesome