Where do we go from here?

It seems crazy, but I’ve been blogging at Wrapped up in Books for five years.

It’s definitely evolved over time – I started it out mostly to talk about books and writing, then four years ago I started writing about libraries, too. It’s been a part of some big changes in my life. But I just don’t feel like I have the time to devote to it that I once did.

This isn’t to say that I won’t ever review books, write about library programs, or share other interesting, book and library related content here. But updates won’t be frequent. I’m writing for Book Riot (today, I shared a list of modern Shakespeare retellings), reviewing audiobooks for Booklist, managing The Hub, and freelancing for a few other publications, and that is taking up the majority of my  “book reviewing, work-adjacent” time.

But I do really love blogging, and in the interest of work-life balance and pursuing interests outside of books and libraries, I’ll be blogging much more frequently at my librarian style, my lifestyle blog. I’m still talking about books (of course I’ll still be talking about books!) but I’ll also be talking about travel and vegetarian cooking and cocktails and such. So, if you like that sort of thing, you can also subscribe via email. Recently, I’ve shared my top ten laugh out loud funny books, the most adorable Neko Atsume inspired craft, and modern books for fans of Pride and Prejudice. It’s been fun tinkering with a self-hosted site and working on my photography skills, and it’s a new challenge and a work in progress, which is what I need right now.

To books and blogging,

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