If you like Pretty Little Liars…

When I make “If you like…” posts, (see “If you like the Bluford series…“, “If you like If I Stay…“, and “If you like Ellen Hopkins…“) they are almost always a result of a reader’s inquiry. Generally, I am asked for a book “like” another popular book I haven’t read. Even after some extensive searching I don’t find an up to date read-alike list or post, or one that I think is comprehensive enough. So I make my own.

This list of books for fans of Pretty Little Liars is no different. I haven’t read the series, and I assumed that because it is so popular, a read-alike list would already exist online. But I searched to no avail. There were several out-of-date ones that had books published around 2009 and earlier. I included several books I found on these lists because I am all about promoting backlist. But I knew there had been tons of murder mysteries full of high school drama published more recently, so I rounded up some of those as well.

Books for Fans of Pretty Little Liars

If you like Pretty Little Liars read this books by Lawrence Public Library

Dead Girls Don’t Lie by Jennifer Shaw Wolf
Goodreads | Amazon

The police think that Jaycee’s best friend died because of gang activity…but she knows there’s more to the story.

Get Even by Gretchen McNeil
Goodreads | Amazon

Four girls at an elite prep school who run in different social circles have one thing in common: they are part of a secret society that takes out revenge on other members of their class.

Very Bad Things by Susan McBride
Goodreads | Amazon

This fast-paced murder mystery told from multiple characters point of view is perfect for fans of PLL.

They All Fall Down by Roxanne St. Claire
Goodreads | Amazon

Mystery? Check. High-school drama? Check.

Trust Me, I’m Lying by Mary Elizabeth Summer
Goodreads | Amazon

This mystery has a heavy dose of sarcasm and a fast-paced plot. Who is telling the truth? Spoiler alert: NO ONE.

Far From You by Tess Sharpe
Goodreads | Amazon

A murder mystery and a narrator struggling with addiction and her bisexuality make this a thrilling, emotional ride.

The List by Siobhan Vaughn
Goodreads | Amazon

While there isn’t a murder in this one, this explores the trials and tribulations of girls in high school in shockingly real detail.

The Innocents by Lili Peloquin
Goodreads | Amazon

Sometimes you just want some juicy, soap opera style drama.

Liar by Justine Larbalestier
Goodreads | Amazon

Full of twists and turns, this is a story about when all your lies finally catch up with you.

Burn for Burn by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vaughn
Goodreads | Amazon

These three girls are from very different worlds, even if they all go to the same high school. What brings them together is a desire for revenge.

Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood by Eileen Cook
Goodreads | Amazon

Lauren Wood ruined Helen’s life back in eighth grade. Helen’s only saving grace was that her dad got a new job, and her family had to move out of town before freshmen year. Now it’s senior year and Helen has returned to town. However, Helen has returned as Claire, a reinvention of her former self, and Claire’s only mission is to get revenge on Lauren Wood.

Wish You Were Dead by Todd Strasser
Goodreads | Amazon

Popular students are being murdered in the order of a list post on an anonymous blog. Can Madison solve the mystery before she’s next?

Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz
Goodreads | Amazon

Secrets, mystery, and a hint of the paranormal make this page-turner a good fit for fans of PLL.

graydotsWhat books would you recommend to fans of Pretty Little Liars series? Have a suggestion for another “if you like…” post? Leave me a note. 

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5 thoughts on “If you like Pretty Little Liars…

  1. Thanks for this list, definitely checking some of these out :) One that I read before PLL and totally loved was the Private series by Kate Brian, it was soooo good! I definitely recommend it.

  2. I am a huge fan of pretty little liars. A book I recommend for PLL fans is ” The Perfectionist”.

    1. Yes I agree, that people who enjoy Sara Shepard’s first long-running series would enjoy her newest series. I think most readers will discover those on their own, however, so I choose to feature books that they may miss.

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