On Time and How it Passes, On Change and How it Happens

I’m at work, doing what I’ve been doing for the past six months: making sure Lawrence has a kick-ass selection of young adult titles, graphic novels, and media.

Recently, that has involved a massive weeding and replacement project as we prepare to retrofit our collection with RFID technology before moving back into the new building. There are stacks of DVDs and boxes of CDs and a folder on my desktop with dozens of spreadsheets and thousands of items that I need to review. There are books on my desk with sticky notes from a cataloger asking for a genre opinion and emails about banned books week programming grants, World Book Night festivities, and an “YA for Grownups” program in my inbox that I need to respond to.. But my Google Calendar pops up to remind me I have a desk shift on my schedule, so all of those pressing concerns must wait.

I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve been working in libraries for two years, in library school for one year, and in my full-time professional position for six months. In this short time, so much has changed for me, personally and professionally.

In my two hour break from meetings and spreadsheets, I switch out two displays, setting out the just-announced YALSA Teens’ Top Ten nominees and a mix of Shakespeare-related books and media. I help two adults find audiobooks. I talk to a regular teen program about the legacy of colonialism and the problem with #firstworldproblems and another about iPad apps and another about Magic the Gathering.

Two years ago, when I first took a job at the public library, I thought it would be a fun part-time job while I started a second master’s program in Social Welfare. I had no idea it would start me on the path to a completely new career, just as I didn’t realize book blogging, which was just a hobby, would become so much a part of my professional life.

I had no idea that Nancy Pearl would call me or something I did at the library would inspire an NPR article.

What will happen in my professional and personal life over the next two years? I have no idea. But I’m sure it will have to do with books. It will be challenging and rewarding. There will be triumphs and setbacks. And it will be worth it.


3 thoughts on “On Time and How it Passes, On Change and How it Happens

  1. That is most excellent! Getting a call from Nancy Pearl is AMAZING, and your idea in the jar- brilliant!! Good job! Its good to read about something happening in Kansas that isn’t related to the Phelps, or the need to ban evolution from the school curriculum. Well done!

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