Listening Lately: March 2014 Playlist

Listening Lately is a feature where I share what’s currently making its way from my “to-try” Spotify playlist onto my monthly list of favorites. Since I purchase music for the library, I try to stay on top of new releases and am actively trying to expand my musical horizons.

Here some favorites from the last part of February and the beginning of March.

I am loving all of Bootstraps self-titled album, but particularly “Guiltfree” and “Revel.” I love the album Ledges by Noah Gundersen, and I also have been checking out all of his backlist. Past Life’s album Lost in the Trees has been on heavy rotation. Smoke & Jackal‘s EP No 1 is from 2012, but  I’ve only recently discovered it and I’m absolutely in love. I wish they’d put out more, but I haven’t really done any research into the band yet.

You can check out what I’ve been listening recently in this month’s playlist.

I don’t know if it’s the last of this gloomy wintry weather, but most of the music I’ve been digging lately has been rather melancholy. I’ve tried to introduce some variety. I love Glitch Mob‘s new album, which is fun and upbeat, and Sun Structure by Temples has kind of a modern psychedelic Beatles thing going for it, and I’ve been enjoying it.

You can also follow along with what I’m checking out. I periodically add stuff “to-try” to this playlist.


What music have you been listening to lately?

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