2014 Book Bloggers Love-a-thon: Book Spine Poetry

This post is one of the challenges of the Book Blogger Love-a-thon hosted by Kate of Tales of Books and Bands and Alexa of Alexa Loves Books.

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I love really creative book spine poetry, and it’s a challenge we’ve done at the library for National Poetry Month in the past. When trying to compose a poem with a stack of books from my personal library, I found I was severely lacking in verbs. Still, I managed to put together one with adult titles and one with young adult novels.

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Death with Interruptions

The Plague

Give us a Kiss

José Saramago is one of my favorite authors (I wrote about my love for his long sentences here). I read my first Camus in college. Daniel Woodrell is fantastic and drinks whiskey and lives in the Ozarks and came for a week of events for Read Across Lawrence in 2012.

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Pretty Monsters

Something Like Normal

Journey of Dreams

These are all books I haven’t read yet! I’m anxious to start this short story collection from Kelly Link. I loved Trish Doller’s Where the Stars Still Shine, but still haven’t read Something Like Normal. Marsha Pellegrino is a Hispanic author, and I like to read YA by Latino authors.

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8 thoughts on “2014 Book Bloggers Love-a-thon: Book Spine Poetry

  1. That’s awesome. I’m going to try it:

    The nightmare of reason
    Waking the witch
    Harvest of stones

    The first is a bio of Franz Kafka. I have a couple of bios of him. I find him so interesting. His life reads much like his stories do. The second title is a dark fantasy book by Kelley Armstrong. The third book is a history of settlers to the Ottawa Valley here in Ontario….very rocky for farming.

    Thanks for this fun post!

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