2014 New Releases: More LGBTQ YA Fiction

A couple weeks ago I compiled a list of all the 2014 releases in young adult fiction that feature LGBTQ characters I knew about, and asked for everyone else to chime in with books I hadn’t come across. I was so thrilled to have so many books to add! I decided to make a new post featuring all the ones I’ve learned about since my last post.

In some cases I’d overlooked sequels to series that started last year, and others aren’t obviously about LGBTQ characters and themes based on the synopsis.

Obviously, I haven’t read all these books, so I can’t speak to how authentic or positive the portrayal of LGBTQ characters and issues are. An interesting conversation was going around the YALSA-bk listserv this week about the “best” LGBTQ books. The question was raised in response to the ALA Award Lists that highlight books with lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, and other queer characters.

Librarians and readers sometimes disagree about whether a specific book presents LGBTQ characters in a positive or negative light. Just as with any book, different approaches will work for different readers. While I think debating the merits and critically analyzing LGBTQ books is both interesting and productive, I think the best way to serve patrons and readers seeking out books with LGBTQ characters and themes is to have a variety to offern them and to be familiar with a wide spectrum of portrayals. Encourage them to try several. Offer readers options, and let them decide.

Here are books I’ve added to the list.

Guardian by Alex London

Sequel to Proxy. Sci-fi.

The Sowing by Steven dos Santos

Sequel to The Culling. Post-apocalyptic/dystopian sci-fi.

Chorus by Emma Treyvane

Sequel to Coda. Love the cover on this one!

The Fourth Wish by Lindsay Rubar

The sequel to The Art of Wishing. 

Secret  by Brigid Kemmerer

The fourth installment in an urban fantasy series. It’s a shame that the gay couple isn’t featured prominently on the cover.

Resistance by Jenna Black

Sequel to Replica. Fast-paced sci-fi.

What We Hide by Marthe Jocelyn

Historical, and told in a variety of perspective and formats. HIts shelves in April.

Dirty London by Kelley York

A lesbian romance with a subplot about a mentally unstable sister.

An Unstill Life by Kate Larkindale

This features young women discovering same-sex attraction and experience bullying. Available now.

Otherbound by Corrine Duyvis

Speculative YA debut hitting shelves in June.

Dark Metropolis by Jacyln Dolamore

Urban fantasy, seems a little dark, and out this summer.


There are several publishers that focus on LGBTQ literature. Lambda Literary has a list, and another I came across is Harmony Ink Press.  It can be more difficult to find reliable reviews of books put out by small publishers, and also more difficult to obtain, but if you’re looking for more LGBTQ-friendly YA, those are some more places to start.

I’m going try and do round up of reviews of LGBTQ YA throughout the year, and do more of these roundup of titles posts as I come across them. If you ever have any to add, let me know!


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