Teen Library Display: Googly Eye Books

This display is both inspired by the tumblr Googly Eye Books and a couple of our regular patrons who like to stick googly eyes on merchandise at the grocery store (their favorite item to affix them to is the pictures of babies on packages of diapers). Perhaps they got the idea from here. I don’t know. They think it’s fun. They also do things like print of pictures of Nicholas Cage and Will Smith, draw on them, then tape the to the cases of video games at the local independent gaming shop. The owner encourages this.

I had a package of adhesive googly eyes sitting on my craft desk at home that I had found in the dollar bin at Target. Mister BS is very fond of Target dollar bins, so much like a small child, his reward for going shopping with me is to pick out one or two items each trip.

I didn’t actually put this display together, since I only work the desk a few hours a week, but my lovely colleague Sarah pulled the books and made the sign. Super easy—just look for books with faces of people or creatures.

When I did work the desk one night this week, patrons would walk by, pause, and laugh (or give confused, amused, or befuddled looks). It’s definitely an “eye-catching” display.

What I love about displays like this is that you can feature any books you would like. It’s a great way to grab a patron’s attention, and books languishing on the shelves can start circulating. It’s also not tied to a particular season, so you can use it any time of year. I like to break up the monotony of displays tied to holidays.

Where do you get ideas for displays?


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