Out + About: Road Trip Teen Library Display

Our summer reading theme is “out and about” — so I thought a display featuring YA roadtrip books would be a fun take on the theme.

photoIt’s been a challenge to put up displays in our temporary space. Instead of having a window like the one in our building that is under renovation, we have this lime green wall.

This was easy to put together. I just cut pieces of our big roll of black paper into curves and taped them up together, then added yellow dashes, some road signs, and book covers from road trip books. I also featured road trip books in a blog post to tie in with the theme, and lots of kids have been requesting to put the books on hold, so it’s definitely generated some interest.

I have a much more ambitious plan for next month, and I’m hoping I can pull it off with my limited artistic skills!


3 thoughts on “Out + About: Road Trip Teen Library Display

  1. Love! You’re lucky you even have a wall. My library’s teen space is literally just one wall with all of the bookshelves. We have so many books (which is good!) but so space (which is sad).

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