On My Way to BEA!


Today I’m on my way to BEA!

I’ve loaded up my iPod with an audiobook—Elizabeth Fama’s Monstrous Beauty—and considering my eight hours of airplane time each way. If I do, I’ll have my Kindle handy, as always. I am also planning on using the iPod instead of my iPhone for Twitter, the BEA mobile site, etc, while at the convention center to save my battery.

I’m not bringing my laptop or iPad on the trip—there’s just too much going on! I’m sticking to my trusty moleskin notebooks to take notes for blogging. I’ll have a post at The Hub about some of the panels and events I’m going to, and I’ll do a recap here, but instead of trying to take notes on my iPad or type up notes in the hotel each night, I’m sticking to pen and paper. I’m looking forward to a break from the computer for a while (even if it’s not like I’m disconnecting completely—I’ll have my phone).

While I’m in the city, I plan on attending the Simon Teen party on May 28th and The Tumblr YA party at Housing Works on May 30th. There are a couple of events Wednesday night and I haven’t decided what I’m doing for sure so it might end up being my night to meet up with friends and family while I’m in town.

Of course I’m checking out the Federico García Lorca exhibit at NYPL, because I’m more of a fangirl for the dead Spanish poet than any living writer, I kid you not. The Broadway show I had tickets for closed early, which was kind of a bummer, but there’s so much fun stuff to do this week, it’s hard to be too disappointed.

I’m attending the BEA bloggers event for at least part of the day on Wednesday. I’m hoping to snag a few ARCs (The Raven Cycle and The Coldest Girl in Coldtown are my priorities!) but mostly I’m going to meet fun bookish people and learn more about forthcoming titles.

If you’re at BEA, I hope to see you!

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