What I’m Reading: June 2013 YA New Releases

This is a little different than my normal “what I’m reading” post structure, and I actually need some help deciding what to read for June. I’m kind of behind on my new releases! I’ve been distracted by a library books and a few books I bought, and I’ve also read a couple of fall releases I was really looking forward to and happened to get my hands on *cough* FANGIRL *cough* so I’ve got a backlog.

From January:  The Archived by Victoria Schwab was one of my most anticipated new releases of this year. I pre-ordered it. At this point, I’m almost afraid I won’t like it, and I really like Victoria Schwab based on her Twitter persona and I’m excited for her adult novel Vicious and now it’s been built up in my head and I’ve nervous about reading it. Does this ever happen to you? Am I crazy? It was one of my most anticipated new releases of this year and I think I just need to READ it.

From February: Completed!

From March: I have 17 & Gone and OCD, the Dude, and Me checked out from the library at this moment (But I also have Moon Called by Patricia Briggs and want to get to it because it’s on my list of must-read urban fantasy and my library actually owns it!)

From April:

I was so excited when I got the ARC of In the Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters I am sad I missed it’s release. April was a crowded month. I feel bad. I’m still planning on reading and reviewing it. I’ve seen mixed reviews but am still interested enough to check it out.

From May:

I DNFed The S-Word. Sad, because the blurb made it sound timely, but the execution was not working for me. Wild Awake (which the teen book club member who I gave the paper ARC I had LOVED) and Winger (which was reviewed in The Times and now I am both more and less excited to read it) are next on my ARC to-read list, and Death, Dickinson, and the Demented Life of Frenchie Garcia is on hold, but I still want to read it when I get my hands on it (it’s one that caught my eye even though I didn’t get an ARC of it).

There’s also the 7 books I still have left to read for The Hub challenge before June 22 (which I’m mostly waiting on library holds to come in to complete) to consider, but I still want to plan on a few new releases for June.

So which June new releases should I prioritize?

I’m most excited to read (okay, finish…I’ve read the first chapter) of Curtis Sittenfeld’s new book, Sisterland (I loved Prep and The American Wife) and I think it’d be a good choice for my monthly library blog post.

In adult fiction, I also have an ARC of The Gameboard of the Gods. I’ve heard fabulous things about Vampire Academy and it’s one I fully intend to get to this year, but I’m tempted to go ahead and read Richelle Mead’s new release first.

I’ve got The Moon and More…should it be my first Sarah Dessen? It sounds similiar to This is What Happy Looks Like, which I liked, but I also know that this will be popular at the library without me hand selling it.

You Look Different in Real Life is another ARC I have, and it’s pitched as a read-alike for Sarah Dessen. It’s got a reality TV star kind of plot, but I’m also looking forward to A. S. King’s Reality Boy, and think King’s take on the subject might be more my style.

I’m very excited to read The Lost Sun by Tessa Gratton, and I snagged an ARC of it at the RT Convention, but since I’m doing Norse Mythology for Classics Retold, I wonder if I should hold off on reviewing it?

Linked by Imogen Howsen has a gorgeous cover and sounds kinda intriguing but also similiar to Dualed, Crewel, What’s Left of Me, and I’m sure other YA sci-fi. It could be great or it could be utterly forgettable.

I have both Born of Illusion and Belle Epoque for a historical, but I’m not sure I can squeeze in both and don’t know which to pick—1920s with a hint of magic or 19th century Paris?

Another Little Piece sounds like it could satisfy a craving for a mystery-thriller, but I have to be in the right mood for those. I’m also interested in anything with an anti-hero, and Boy Nobody, another thriller, supposedly features one.

Thoughts? Suggestions? If you’re more interested in seeing a review of a particular June release or have already read some of these and have strong feelings one way or another let me know. 

4 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: June 2013 YA New Releases

  1. As a Sarah Dessen fangirl of 10+ years, I’m inclined to say that you should prioritize The Moon and More except…I have no idea if it should be your FIRST Dessen. (Honestly, I love all her books. As long as you’re up for substantially fluffy contemporary YA, she’s a winner.)

    I also can’t wait to hear about Sittenfeld’s book. Have you read The Man of My Dreams? That’s the only one of her’s that I haven’t read.

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