Souvenirs from my Internet Travels: Summer Edition

It’s been a long time!

But I love link round ups.


I like Veronica Roth’s blog better than her books. She has a great voice. This post resonated with me because I also have a problem letting go enough to write first drafts.

This is a cute post: 5 Things not to say to a librarian who is also a writer. As much as I love how working at the library compliments my dream of being a writer, it’s not because I get any writing done at work.

Write like Regina Spektor! This was a great practice exercise for me (see Roth’s post above, too. REMEMBER TO JUST WRITE.)

Also, this post on finding the right critique partners was useful. I’m starting with a new group tonight…we’ll see if we click. Finding the perfect set of critique partners is more difficult than finding a set of friends. Or a partner.

Another good tip for critique partner can be found in this post from Annie Cardi: don’t be afraid to say it’s boring.


Must read: L H Anderson’s post on having 2 novels make the top 100 YA novels list, how white NPR is, and diversity in YA.

What is YA? Love this post that led me to Garth Nix’s opinion.

New adult? Young adult? What’s up with that? Why can’t my YA protagonist be in college? Steph Sinkhorn weighs in here.

This post at Teen Librarian Toolkit lists titles that would have made NPR’s top 100 teen novels more diverse.

As to not clutter up my blog too much, and because I wanted to see what tumblr is all about (I have an ongoing debate with a friend about tumblr v. pinterst) I started posting and exploring in two places: molly mo writes and irony wine books. I didn’t really mean to pick two but there you go.

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