Souvenirs from My Internet Travels: May 20-26

souvenirs from my internet travels

I love discovering new books, and Nancy Pearl always has great recommendations. She gave a list of Summer Reads for NPR and I added A Partial History of Lost Causes by  Jennifer Dubois to my to-read list.

I thought this story at The Good Men Project was inspiring. I love book stores (so much I wrote about my favorites earlier this week) and I love that there are entrepreneurs out there responding to market forces and learning to compete with Amazon by offering innovative services. The print on demand and delivery service are great ideas I hope are replicated.

I’ve been blocking out lots of new scenes for my WIP in my head this week, and need to start outlining them, so it was a great time for me to read this post on Novels from the Ground Up. I have a post it note on my desk with a list components for a scene that I find helpful, but this discussion has a lot of good tips.

I’ve been wanting to write a post about how awesome Neil Gaiman is for a while, especially since I listened to his fantastic commencement address. I loved SE Sinkhorn’s perspective on his speech in this post at Maybe Genius. Being free to work without constraint doesn’t mean being lazy and breaking rules for the hell of it.

It’s an important question to ask yourself if you’re a writer: would you write if you were never getting published? The discussion at Writability this week was interesting. How do you answer that question? For me, it’s an unequivocal yes.

One of my favorite authors, Laura Moriarty, has a new book coming out this summer. The Chaperone was featured in USA Today as a Hot Summer Read.

It’s a short list this week, because I drove 1800 miles cross-country this week and didn’t spend much time online.

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