Souvenirs from my Internet Travels May 6-19


I’ve been quite busy over the last two weeks, but here are a few articles and posts I found interesting. I’m happy if any one else finds these link round ups useful, but they are also a way for me to curate my own internet travels.


Swearing increases pain tolerance apparently. (how did this study make it past IRB?)

I am fascinated by this graphic explaining how being in love effects your brain. This week I went to a Peaceful Intervention Workshop, where I learned about the effects of trauma on the brain (the brain scans of abuse victims are similar to those of war veterans). This made me more hopeful about the healing effects of love.

Another article in Scientific American resonated with me. This is all about fairy tales (a particular favorite form of mine) and the psychology of “once upon a time” all wrapped up in a tribute to Maurice Sendak.


If you didn’t catch this post on Freshly Pressed, do so now. I am all about etiquette and manners and these are great tips for being a gracious blogger.

I found this list of “ways you’re annoying on Twitter”. I’m not in 100% agreement on this, and will probably do a post on my own Twitter philosophy soon.


I’m planning a birthday party for my best friend this summer (she’s turning thirty!) and stumbled across this post about literary themed parties. I don’t think its the direction I’ll go with her party, but many of them would be fun for mine!

There was an interesting discussion on romance in paranormal (young adult) fiction at Teen Librarian’s Toolkit. I’m still not sure what my own perspective on the topic is.

I’m busy gearing up for our summer reading program, visiting with my sister who just returned from Morocco, road tripping cross country with my brother to help him move to LA to be with the love of his life and pursue his dream of being a filmmaker, but I’ve scheduled posts over the next few weeks (a lot of book reviews as I’ve been reading a lot!). I am still finding the right posting schedule that works for me, so bear with me until I figure that out.

If you have a great post you discovered (or wrote!) recently, feel free to share in the comments!

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